Weekend Surf Forecast - Apr 15 to 17

Report Date: Friday 14 April 2017 For tips on forecasting see my book Surf Science, in paperback and animated versions Available at www.surfscience.org Summary Small and lumpy in »

Weekend Surf Forecast. 10th Feb.

Report Date: Friday 10 February 2017 For tips on forecasting see my book Surf Science, in paperback and animated versions Available at www.surfscience.org Summary A largish long-period swell »

Photographer of the Month. Hamish Lawson.

A few people had mentioned Hamish to me before I happened to see him speak at an event a couple of months back. His photo (the first in this sequence »

Why We're Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

50p from app we sell goes towards helping Surfers Agaisnt Sewage protect our oceans. I guess I started surfing seriously in the late nineties, when I got my first car »

Is Surf Tech a Thing? Should it Be?

An edited version of this article also appeared in The Inertia. Unless you’ve been living on a remote island in Indonesia for the last three years, surfing perfect barrels »

Surfability's New Centre to Make the Ocean more Accessible to Disabled Surfers in Swansea

Last Saturday, on a sublimely beautiful winter’s afternoon, around a hundred people clustered together on the Caswell seafront to witness the opening of a rather special building. The Canthed »

Why we Charge for JOTS

Reason 1 Johnny on The Spot is the Surfer’s Private Diary. We understand that most apps are free. But they’re often free for 2 reasons. One. They’ll »

Gill's Gower. (And beyond)

When there's a swell around our way you can bet your quiver that Paul Gill will know about it, and that he'll be there with his camera. He's the definition »

Why We're Charging for JOTS Version 2. (And How You Can Get it for Free.)

It's taken us three years, but we're proud to say that we have finally launched the version of JOTS we always wanted to build. And this time it works on »

Win! A Quiver Surfboard. A Surf Trip to Azrac Surf Morocco. A Carver Skateboard. A Bongaboard Balance Board. A Year's Supply of Wax.

To celebrate the launch of Johnny on the Spot Version 2.0, we're offering the chance to win some ridiculously good prizes. To enter, just download the app any time »

A Testing Surf Trip to The Outer Hebrides

Who remembers teletext? And more specifically, who remembers the surf report service on teletext? Page 398, if I remember correctly – I must have opened that page every single day of »

30 Seconds that Showed Sexism's Not Quite Dead in the WSL

It’s Round 2 of the Billabong Pipe Masters. Jordy Smith is running away with the final heat of the day against the man with the best name in professional »

How to Live Your Surfing Dreams. Part 2 - The Wedding Photographer

In this series we're seeking out inspirational people who have built their lives around the ocean - pioneers who have decided that salt water must be taken at least five »

How to Live your Surfing Dreams. Part 1 - the Surf Camp Owner

Ever dreamt about what it would be like to chuck in your job, head to a coast with consistent waves and build a life around the surf? For many this »

Which of the RBS 6 Nations has the best waves?

With the weekend's action in the rugby making the finale to this season's 6 nations as exciting as ever, we thought we'd take a look at what the coastlines of »

Why does Wales have the World's Second Largest Tides?

As surfers we develop something of an inbuilt tide clock over the years. With that comes a better than average understanding of the way tides work. So we all know »

Inspiring Christmas Gift Ideas for the Surfer in Your Life

September Swells have been and gone, October passed in a cloud of rain, November delivered non-stop waves, and now we're suddenly just over two weeks away from Christmas!! Just in »

UK Coasts Just Keep on PUMPING!!!!

What a great time to be a surfer in the UK! We're just getting swell after swell, and great winds to boot! We asked for your shots from another epic »

Mid-November Pumps!!!

This weekend saw one of the best swells to hit the UK in a very long time. And I missed it. Luckily, the others asked you to send in all »

Is Anyone Going to Watch The ASP when Slater's not There?

The King is Gone - Oh Sh** - what do we do now? The ASP has a problem. It’s 5’9, 159 pounds and has a cleanly shaved bonce »