Brands That Make a Difference. #2 Threefold Bold.

Second up in our series of brands that inspire us by putting the planet before profit are an exciting new company from just up the road from us in West Wales.

Threefold Bold are made up of local artists and are a passionate, eco-minded brand. They may have only been going for a short while, but their unique style and attractive brand ethos are already gaining them attention: Musican, Skunkadelic of Afro Cluster wore their t-shirt performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury 2016. I spoke with the founders, Rhys, Steve and Jake to find out more.

Can you tell me about Threefold Bold and your ethos?

Threefold bold is a brand and platform which promotes artists’ work on ethical products. It’s a way of giving artists an opportunity, product and a following.

Beyond the idea of promoting artists’ work, we really want to push our environmental message and we want the younger generation to know how to look after the planet, leaving it a bit better than how they found it. Two of us (Rhys and Steve) have kids so it is important for us!

Threefold Bold was created this year - what inspired you?

Threefold Bold has a story which keeps growing. Bold is a character we created to embody our journey.

We wanted to create a universe, The Fold, for him to explore. He’s a curious little guy.

Bold crossing the sea of eyes

Bold’s universe will grow as the Threefold family does.

When you buy one of our t-shirts, it's packed in our custom box featuring a hand-printed comic story of Bold, ltd. edition artist's print, a bumper sticker of Bold, and a “welcome to the fold” thank you note. We’re all about the finer details.

Packaging can be art too

Another big inspiration for us was the chance to broadcast local artists’ talents. All three of us love to make art, and we needed a creative project in West Wales to showcase our work to an audience. We really want to encourage and inspire community art projects.

The great thing about doing what we do right now is that it’s getting easier for people to source ethical clothing. There is a real demand out there and we provide the ethical choice and high quality people want when they purchase. We choose to use 100% organic cotton. Besides being better for the environment, it’s super soft, and sustainable.

Every Threefold bold ltd edition product comes with its own seal of approval

This year you have released two tshirts, tell us about these:

Here they are:

Black t-shirt £28

Designed by Steve, ‘Flaking Out’ Vulture edition tee . Featuring Vulture’s mind bending illustration with his signature linestrokes.

White t-shirt £28 ‘Boombox’
Taste edition tee. think funky lines and Bold style,
Designed by Rhys

Both suited to men and women.

The 100% organic cotton is Fairwear credited and climate neutral. No pesticides are used whilst growing the cotton for the the t-shirts, which is good for the skin.
We were surprised by how light and durable they are! It doesn’t shrink in the wash either.
We think it'll be your new favourite tee!

On another note – any favourite spots in the UK? Don't worry about anywhere too secret.. somewhere local for us to explore :-)

Barafundle bay is very cool. It’s the only place the Queen has ever swam in the sea! I reckon it’s her favourite beach as well.

Finally, hopes for Threefold Bold in 2017, and also any hopes for the world and us all as consumers?

For 2017, we want to grow the Fold platform, find ways of getting more artists involved. Build on Bold’s comic world. We are working on developing ideas for a feature comic and more prints using recycled paper, and of course - releasing more t-shirts. We have also been looking at sourcing a recycled range of t-shirts where post-consumer waste is recycled back with a mix of 100% organic cotton.
It would be cool for consumers to make conscious decisions on the materials we use, and try to be a positive part of our ecosystem.

Artists get in touch at
Instagram : Threefold Bold

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