Mid-November Pumps!!!

This weekend saw one of the best swells to hit the UK in a very long time. And I missed it.
Luckily, the others asked you to send in all your photos so I could see just how darn good it was. And yep - you guys really scored it!

So the competition criteria was the wax and T goes to the picture that makes me the most gutted. This has been a ridiculously hard contest to judge, and I do feel very, very gutted to have missed such a good swell.

We did reserve the right to offer more than one prize, so as I can't decide which pic has me sobbing into my coffee cup more, I've chosen 3 runners up and a winner. Runners up each get a t-Shirt and a couple of blocks of wax, winner takes the full prize. So - in reverse order.

Keith Usher

Absolutely stunning pictures - the only reason that one of that right hand slab didn't win is because I'm not 100% gutted I wasn't there surfing it... Looks a bit gnarly for me. But awesome shots

"Few waves around today, where were you johnny!!!"

"Few more waves today johnny!"

"And more!"

Gareth Owen

For showing us how good North Wales can get! Might have to do a road trip some time soon!

"North Wales this afternoon."

"Another day another bomb up in North Wales. "

Sen 'Inky Blob' Child

This was my favourite for a very long time - perfect size, lovely shape and a right hander to boot! Just the kind of wave I love and I'm genuinely gutted I wasn't surfing this. Great shot!!!

"Kevin 'Doc' Child‎ - My son Sen just getting into surfing and photography took this today at a SE spot. Courtesy of his FB page. Some wax would overflow Inky Blob's stoke cup."

Tony Rowlands

No arguing with this picture - a worthy winner from Croyde Bay. That shot could be anywhere.

"Croyde Bay"

And for your perusal, here are the rest of the entries - some great shots amongst these and thanks a lot for all the entries!

Edward Bunce‎

"There were a couple of waves at Gennith this weekend.."

Daniel Pidgeon

"Not many picture but here's a standard Rhossilli rolling waves"

"Or do you prefer Petes Reef pumping under a nice sunset?"

"Final one from me from ontop of rhossilli down. Plenty of lines coming in!"

John Dixon

"Gennith/Rhossili as good as it gets!!"

"Top to bottom barrel fest today!"

Adam Shelton

"Had a great day surfing at rhossili yesterday with some mates from back home!"

Jordey Logan

"Heres one from Woolacombe in North Devon.. perfect trip home."

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