Weekend Surf Forecast - Friday 20th Jan

Report Date: Friday 20 January 2017 For tips on forecasting see my book Surf Science, in paperback and animated versions Available at www.surfscience.org Summary Consistent long-period west swell »

Weekend Surf Forecast - Friday 13th January

Report Date: Friday 13 January 2017 For tips on forecasting see my book Surf Science, in paperback and animated versions Available at www.surfscience.org Summary Large northwest swell, hampered »

Weekend Surf Forecast - Friday 6th Jan

Report Date: Friday 06 January 2017 For tips on forecasting see my book Surf Science, in paperback and animated versions Available at surfscience.org Summary Small in most places, with »

Photographer of the Month. Hamish Lawson.

A few people had mentioned Hamish to me before I happened to see him speak at an event a couple of months back. His photo (the first in this sequence »

The Canyon Effect

On 20 December 2016, the circus came to town at Nazaré in Portugal. This time it was in the form of a big-wave contest, held in large, lumpy shifting peaks »

Why We're Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

50p from app we sell goes towards helping Surfers Agaisnt Sewage protect our oceans. I guess I started surfing seriously in the late nineties, when I got my first car »

Brands That Make a Difference. #2 Threefold Bold.

Second up in our series of brands that inspire us by putting the planet before profit are an exciting new company from just up the road from us in West »

Brands That Make a Difference. #1 BAM Clothing.

I was introduced to BAM Clothing a few months back when I bought a pair of their socks and oh my sweet toes I didn’t know any clothing - »

Is Surf Tech a Thing? Should it Be?

An edited version of this article also appeared in The Inertia. Unless you’ve been living on a remote island in Indonesia for the last three years, surfing perfect barrels »

The Science Behind Backwash.

Backwash is a wave that travels seawards after being reflected from a steep shoreline. At some point it then usually meets and interferes with another incoming wave. If the two »

Surfability's New Centre to Make the Ocean more Accessible to Disabled Surfers in Swansea

Last Saturday, on a sublimely beautiful winter’s afternoon, around a hundred people clustered together on the Caswell seafront to witness the opening of a rather special building. The Canthed »

Why we Charge for JOTS

Reason 1 Johnny on The Spot is the Surfer’s Private Diary. We understand that most apps are free. But they’re often free for 2 reasons. One. They’ll »

Is There Such Thing as a Free Lunch? Why we Should all be More Mindful of our Online Privacy.

Cast your mind back to the early days of the internet: remember the connecting yell of dial-up internet, very slowly loading pages, and garish Geocities pages? At such a time »

Gill's Gower. (And beyond)

When there's a swell around our way you can bet your quiver that Paul Gill will know about it, and that he'll be there with his camera. He's the definition »

A-Frames - A Peek at The Science Behind the Peak

An A-frame is an extreme version of a peak, or wave that is biggest in the middle and tapers off either side. As its name suggests, it forms the shape »

Why We're Charging for JOTS Version 2. (And How You Can Get it for Free.)

It's taken us three years, but we're proud to say that we have finally launched the version of JOTS we always wanted to build. And this time it works on »

Win! A Quiver Surfboard. A Surf Trip to Azrac Surf Morocco. A Carver Skateboard. A Bongaboard Balance Board. A Year's Supply of Wax.

To celebrate the launch of Johnny on the Spot Version 2.0, we're offering the chance to win some ridiculously good prizes. To enter, just download the app any time »

A Testing Surf Trip to The Outer Hebrides

Who remembers teletext? And more specifically, who remembers the surf report service on teletext? Page 398, if I remember correctly – I must have opened that page every single day of »

Bali - A Sceptic's Tale

I had been putting off coming to Bali for years when I finally made my way through the arrivals terminal at Denpassar airport on a stiflingly humid evening in October »

4 Yoga Poses to Take Your Surfing to the Next Level

Stiff backs and sore necks are synonymous with surfing - especially at this time of year. And though we all know by now that getting down to our local yoga »