30 Seconds that Showed Sexism's Not Quite Dead in the WSL

It’s Round 2 of the Billabong Pipe Masters. Jordy Smith is running away with the final heat of the day against the man with the best name in professional »

From Sponsorship Hunting to Chasing the World's Biggest Waves: Andrew Cotton Tells All

Big-wave charger Andrew Cotton was in London recently to unleash his newest film Behind The Lines. After the film the Red Bull and Saltrock team rider conducted a Q& »

Why "Behind The Lines" Takes Us Deeper

Energy levels were reaching critical at Red Bull studios recently for the London premiere of Andrew Cotton’s latest film, Behind The Lines. No-one was more amped than Cotty who »

Five Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Surfing

Nail your pop-up Doesn’t matter how smooth your turns are; if you are clumsy getting to your feet it will always hold your surfing back. Valuable moments at the »

In Defence of Outerknown

It was back in April of last year that the heads of several of Quicksilver’s most senior figures began to spin abruptly, with the news that Kelly Slater would »

3D Print Your Own Surfboard!

Since its birth in the 60s, modern-day surfing has always been associated with going against the grain. While the board-shaping processes of that era are still broadly in use today »

How Big!!?? How the Hawaiians defined the way we measure waves

It was legendary Californian waterman Buzzy Trent who once said ‘waves are not measured in feet and inches but in increments of fear’. Fitting words indeed, for a guy who »

How to Live Your Surfing Dreams. Part 2 - The Wedding Photographer

In this series we're seeking out inspirational people who have built their lives around the ocean - pioneers who have decided that salt water must be taken at least five »

How to Live your Surfing Dreams. Part 1 - the Surf Camp Owner

Ever dreamt about what it would be like to chuck in your job, head to a coast with consistent waves and build a life around the surf? For many this »

Which of the RBS 6 Nations has the best waves?

With the weekend's action in the rugby making the finale to this season's 6 nations as exciting as ever, we thought we'd take a look at what the coastlines of »

New Faces Part Two: The Men's Competitors

New Year, New Name, New Faces Dusty Payne, CC2.0, Kanaka Menehune on Flickr Part Two - The Competitors: These are the guys that have been through it all. They've »

New Faces Part One: The Men's Contenders

A New Year, A New Name, Here's The New Faces With the inaugural season of the World Surf League (still doesn't sound right yet) just around the corner, there's plently »

Why does Wales have the World's Second Largest Tides?

As surfers we develop something of an inbuilt tide clock over the years. With that comes a better than average understanding of the way tides work. So we all know »

Car Keys: Don't be That Guy

Let's face it, a surfer's ride is an easy target. They're usually highly conspicuous; VWs strewn with additional gear or a car covered in surf stickers with it's soft rack »

Inspiring Christmas Gift Ideas for the Surfer in Your Life

September Swells have been and gone, October passed in a cloud of rain, November delivered non-stop waves, and now we're suddenly just over two weeks away from Christmas!! Just in »

UK Coasts Just Keep on PUMPING!!!!

What a great time to be a surfer in the UK! We're just getting swell after swell, and great winds to boot! We asked for your shots from another epic »

The Friday Stoke! 28/11

Things You've Probably Seen: The 6 Time World Champ! Despite her quater final loss, Stephanie Gilmore made it 6 and is now just one away from Layne Beachley's record! She »

Seriously, Why is Nazaré so Massive?

Yeah, I can admit I made a mistake when writing The Five Toughest Waves on Planet Earth. At the time I was looking at all the other reasons as to »

The Friday Stoke! 21/11

Good afternoon - it's one heck of a dreary one (if you're reading this in the UK at least). Still, there's swell on the horizon, many of us have still »

How to Stay Fit for the Winter Surf!

With the arrival of Autumn and Winter comes the promise of bigger swells and better surf. Unfortunately, this time of year also heralds the shortening of daylight hours, and therefore »