UK Coasts Just Keep on PUMPING!!!!

What a great time to be a surfer in the UK! We're just getting swell after swell, and great winds to boot!
We asked for your shots from another epic weekend. It was a tough call choosing a winner, so once again we've selected 2.

They are....

Luke Thorpe

This is just an epic shot. Definitely worth a prize!


Stuart Watson

Great timing, great turn.

Well done guys, you both win a JOTS T-shirt and some wax.

And for your perusal, here are the rest of the shots from another epic weekend!

Callum Thomas

Really loved this shot - it was so close to a prize but the standard was high this time around!

Stuart Waston (again)

These were the other pics in that lovely gennith sequence....

Gareth Owen

A few great shots from the north shores of Wales once again!

Dan Marks

Rest Bay, firing!

Tom Fonzarelli

This is what you want to wake up to on a Sunday morning!

But this isn't. JOTS beach clean early next year anyone?

Joel Morgan

And a cheeky surfie selfie to finish.

Thanks everyone for your great pics, and hope you had an amazing weekend surfing!