Which of the RBS 6 Nations has the best waves?

With the weekend's action in the rugby making the finale to this season's 6 nations as exciting as ever, we thought we'd take a look at what the coastlines of each country are capable of producing. We're not gonna make the call - which country do you think should be the 6 Nations champion of surf?


Everyone knows how good Cornwall can get, though many locals there will tell you they're not part of England, so we've chosen a pic from Devon. Cream teas, rolling green hills, homemade cider and this:

Pic courtesy Tony Rowlands from our November comp


Miles of uncrowded coastlines packed with reefs, points and pristine beaches. Great pubs, beautiful music and the finest Guiness you'll ever taste all make Ireland a strong contender.

Pic courtesy of Danya Schwertfeger


They may suck at rugby, but the Scots are hiding more than they're fair share of exceptional waves in those wild outer islands. Here's one of the better known righthanders:

Pic courtesy of Kevern Photography


The Welsh have punched above their weight in rugby for decades. Could the same be said of their waves? On this evidence...

Pic courtesy Luke Young from out October comp


It's the only 6 Nations country on the world tour but does that make the beachbreaks of Hossegor the best of the 6 Nations bunch?

Pic courtesy Sophie Crowley photography


It's warm, the food's great, the people are beautiful and every now and then the waves pump too!

So what do you reckon? Who should be crowned the best surf nation and who gets the wooden spoon? Let us know your thoughts, or send us a pic or two to add to the debate!

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