Why we Charge for JOTS

Reason 1

Johnny on The Spot is the Surfer’s Private Diary.

We understand that most apps are free. But they’re often free for 2 reasons.
One. They’ll advertise to you.
Two. They’ll sell your data.
Advertising just doesn’t sit right with us. And selling your data? Not a chance.

We’re surfers first. At the core of everything we do is a commitment to the values our sport has taught us. Most importantly, privacy.

Our promise to you is that we will never, ever share any of the locations and data you record.

But because we refuse to use a business model we disagree with (one that puts your privacy at risk), we do have to make our business viable by placing a small charge on the app. We hope that's OK.

Honestly, we're not sure if this is a good business decision or not. We're still learning all that stuff. But one thing that did feel right to us was to donate some of the money we make to a cause we believe in. So 50p from every app we sell will go to helping Surfers Against Sewage protect our oceans.

Reason 2

To help us build an even better app.

We want to make Johnny on the Spot the most useful item in a surfer's digital toolkit. We're happy with where it's at now. But we also know how we want to make it even better. We've got big plans.
But to do them, we'll need a little capital. So far we've made Johnny on the Spot without any funding whatsoever. Just late nights, Sunday afternoons and coffee.
The funds we get will help us build those features we know will make the app even better.
You can be a part of this too. If you think of a way JOTS could be made better for you, please get in touch and tell us what you'd like to see.

Our Values

The compromise between what’s great about tech and the values surfing has taught us has been at the heart of every decision we have made as we developed JOTS.

Privacy – Tech is amazing. But let’s keep some things sacred. Like that quiet wave to yourself at just the right time.

Effort = Reward – As surfers we get this more than most. The hard work you put in to find a new wave just makes it all the sweeter when you do. We didn’t want to create a guide that took away the fun of seeking new spots. Just a tool that rewards the intrepid souls who still love to seek.

Fun – Let’s not forget. The greatest lesson that surfing has taught us is joy. How to have fun in nature’s playground. Our central aim is that JOTS helps you do more of this.

Johnny on the Spot is the Surfer's personal, private diary. You can download it from the App Store here, or from the Google Play Store here.